Trader Growth - Wealth School

Providing members of our community with the educational resources and information to tip the probability of the markets in our favor.


Our Mission

Over 95% of all home traders will give up and leave the market a loser after much personal loss. Here at Trader Growth, our aim above all else is to give YOU the tools and the POWER to conquer the markets. Through proper education, sustainable growth is not only possible, but achievable for all members of our community. Acquiring the skills of technical analysis and a powerful alert system are just the surface of our service. What makes our program different than any other currently available is a deep understanding of the mental psychology behind what it takes to make a successful trader. When our job is done, you will have the skills but most importantly the mental frame work necessary to stop seeing the market as an enemy or something to "beat", but a tool in which money can be consistently and sustainability acquired. 

Trader Growth has helped hundreds of people through social media outlets such as Stocktwits, Instagram and Facebook. Now it is time to bring the highest quality educational content and alerts to our subscribers.
— John Mars - Founder; Trader Growth - Wealth school