Swing/Alert Trade Service FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Alert Service subject to acceptance of terms of service and disclamer.

Q: How do I receive Alerts?

A: All alerts to new members will now receive alerts via the TELEGRAM app. This is a free and 100% confidential messaging app for both Android and apple devices. Existing members will continue to recieve alerts via text/sms message.

Q: Will I experience losing trades or a series of losing trades.

A: Absolutely, losses are an expected part of any trading system. You should never expose your account to more than 1% risk of expected loss of any trade. Risk management is critical. Even with a profitable system, It is nearly guaranteed to lose money if proper risk management is not followed.

Q: Can I lose more than anticipated on a trade?

A: Yes. Slippage can occur in any trade. News can be released at any time and cause a price to gap above or below our expected stop loss. This is why exposing your account to only 1% risk per trade is paramount. Should news be released that has a negative impact, price can move 25% or more in some historical cases.

Q: What kind of gains are targeted?

A: All swing trades target 5% to 20% gain on position. In some cases we are taken out of trades with a stop loss. In some cases price goes beyond profit targets.

Q: How will I know when to take profit?

A: We will alert a suggested level to exit trades for profits. Inevitability taking profits is your responsibility. Risk is personal, gains are personal. All trades should be given the highest level of respect. Profits should be taken as the market makes gains available. Any trade can become a losing trade if profits are not locked. We will alert updates as to what we are doing with our position.

Q: How many alerts can I expect as a subscriber?

A: We strive to give high quality alerts and setups. Our goal is never to run around the market and throw money in hopes of success. There are times when we receive 2 or 4 strong trade signals a week and others when we only see 6-8 over the course a month. The key here is letting the market develop trading potential. Our policy here is quality over quanity.