Mentor Program - 3 months!


Mentor Program - 3 months!


Only open to TWO highly dedicated students at any given time.

Mentor Program - 3 months of quality top level mentorship. 

  • Includes the highest level of personal coaching available. Twice weekly 1 hour one on one Skype sessions to dial in your trading and help you achieve the "impossible".
  • Includes, coaching material, blog access, swing trade/telegram access. 
  • Intensive strategy building sessions, unique to each students strengths and ability. Available for Stocks, Futures and Forex traders. Assistance with back-testing and confidence building. 
  • Trade review and analysis throughout the program.
  • The highest level of personal care and attention, your growth and success is our priority.  
  • Personal development will be a key point in this program. Developing with both the skill and mindset of a true trader!

This program is for a serious individual looking to go on a life changing and challenging journey. Being a consistent trader is by far one of the hardest things you can do. A person interested in this program will require complete commitment and a work ethic to match. Results are not easy or guaranteed but you will learn and grow in the key areas necessary for success as a trader. 

There is no easy path to becoming a consistent trader, you will get out of this program exactly what you put in. Only serious students, looking for serious results should consider purchase. 

Thank you - Remain hungry and humble.

I look forward to working with you and changing lives.

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