Shorted Blog for 12-8-17

Working on video content for our members. 

Blog will be back to full strength next week.

Hot watch list for 12/8/17

  • GLBS - All shippers on watch this morning, gap up in most major names
  • DRYS
  • TOPS
  • SHIP
  • DCIX

Trend/continuation plays 12/8/17

  • MYO - continuation play, holding up well, great consolidation yesterdays price action. 
  • STDY - gap up play, volume in pre-market (minor news here)
  • INFI - Strong price action yesterday, continuation candidate. 
  • HMNY - may be putting in a bottom bounce type play
  • CUR - selling off a bit pre-market, on watch for holding of $2 level.
  • SNAP - consolidation at new levels. 
  • JP - (potential bounce play)
  • EKSO - remains bullish overall.

Crypto related - extreme caution on all these names!

expect some fire in some of these today, volatility will be the name of the game on these.

  • GROW: (breaking down a bit)
  • TEUM: (gap up pre market)
  • SRAX:  (consolidating)
  • RIOT:  (flag potential on daily, watch for volume breakout)
  • MARA: (breaking down)
  • DPW: (holding strong, keep on watch at $3 support for volume)
  • XNET: (choppy, needs clean bullish volume)


Be sure to finish this week strong team. Lock profits and go into the weekend strong.

Focus on highest volume plays with strong direction. 

Stay Hungry and Humble!